We have changed our business name from Wildheart Dreams to Wildheart Nature School. Wildheart Nature School now includes Dreamer Leathercraft. Please check out our primary website at: http://www.wildheartnatureschool.com

Wildheart Nature School

group-with-artWildheart Nature School offers enriching outdoor experiences for children ages 4 – 10 in Central Oregon. Our programs provide a framework for deepening intimate connections with nature through stillness exercises, sensory attentiveness, artistic expression, and experiential activities. We offer Nature Classes during week days for homeschool children plus weekend classes September through November and March through May. Our summer programs run July through August.  To learn more about Wildheart Nature School, please visit our sister site at http://www.wildheartnatureschool.com.

Dreamer Leather Craft


We process raw deer hides into braintan leather using the natural method that the indigenous peoples of this region have used for centuries. The braintan process creates a softer, more breathable, and comfortable product than commercial leather. We then craft our leather into moccasins, shirts, dresses, pants, purses, pouches, drums rattles and more! Our leather crafts are always custom made for the best fit.



Amara Yapizapi Dreamer

As a lover of nature, Amara teaches connection and respect for the natural world in all of her pursuits. Amara’s nature experience includes farming edible and medicinal plants, facilitating classes to preserve indigenous and natural life ways, working for a wilderness protection non-profit, backpacking, and undergoing traditional nature-based rite of passage initiations. A student of wisdom traditions from North and South America, Amara holds a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona’s Prescott College, with a competence in Cultural Anthropology and a breadth in Environmental Studies. In alignment with the college’s mission to promote social justice and environmental sustainability, Amara focuses much of her time on social and environmental education for children and adults in her local community. She believes in bringing young people as well as adults the opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of nature that will help them live in a sustainable manner on earth. Amara is certified in CPR and AED by the American Heart Association as well as Wilderness First Aid by the Wilderness Medicine Institute.

Rainbow Eagle Dreamer

Dreamer lives up to his name as a visionary healer, artist, and teacher. As a Reiki Master, Sacred Pipe Carrier, and apprentice to a local native healer, Dreamer offers a caring, enlightening, and joyful presence. A sustainability enthusiast, Dreamer works on a local farm called Juniper Jungle and has experience facilitating elementary school class field trips, teaching children about seeds, soil, plants, and worms! At Prescott College, Dreamer is currently focusing his studies on indigenous life ways and native crafts. He volunteers for Four Winds Foundation, as sacred stone carrier, organizer, and community leader. A natural at working with children, Dreamer facilitates excitement, curiosity, and respect for the natural world. His love for leatherworks stem from his deep connection with the medicine of deer. The crafts he creates from his leather are infused with passion for his work.

Amara and Dreamer

Amara and Dreamer are married and they enjoy their life in Central Oregon. They have studied for over five years with a local Chickasaw Choctaw medicine woman in the traditional life ways of native peoples of North America. They have also traveled extensively in South America, experiencing and studying native traditions both on their own and through their self-directed independent studies at Prescott College. In addition to facilitating Wildheart Nature classes, they also teach community classes and conduct ceremonies for a local non-profit called Four Winds Foundation.



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