Wildheart Nature School:

Wildheart Nature Classes

Wildheart Nature Classes are outings that provide adventure rich learning opportunities for children ages 4 1/2 – 10. We venture to nature areas within and surrounding Bend, Oregon, allowing participants to experience and study the land they call home. Participants document their experiences in a journal that contains photographs, drawings, and personal creative reflections. Please visit our sister site for the schedule of upcoming Nature Classes:

Dreamer Leathercraft:

Custom Leather Creations

We process raw deer hides into braintan leather using the natural method that the indigenous peoples of this region have used for centuries. The braintan process creates a softer, more breathable, and comfortable product than commercial leather. We then craft our leather into moccasins, shirts, dresses, pants, purses, pouches, drums, rattles, and more! Our leather crafts are always custom made for the best fit. We also offer “Make ’em yourself kits” that provide materials and instructions so that you can make your own leather creations! Browse through our selection of products by clicking the tab above called, “Dreamer Leather Craft.”

Drum Making Workshops

drumWant to make your own hand drum? We hold classes in Central Oregon and can provide you with all the materials and instructions you need to make your own sacred instrument! Frame, raw hide, sinew, and stick included. This is the traditional drum used in sweat lodge ceremonies. We invite you to join us any time at Deer Haven through Four Winds Foundation for sweat lodges. In addition to drum making workshops, we also teach song classes. Check out the schedule at:  Let us know if you are interested in a drum making workshop and/or a song class and when we have at least six, we will plan a time and location that works for everyone.

Leather Making Workshops

hideLearn how to tan your own hides into braintan leather in a weekend workshop! Let us know if you are interested and when we have at least six people, we will arrange a time and location that works for everyone.


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