Wildheart Nature School

Wildheart Nature School offers unique outdoor experiences in an enriching, safe, educational, and fun environment. Our programs provide a framework for deepening intimate connections with nature through stillness exercises, sensory attentiveness, artistic expression, and experiential activities. Wildheart Nature School also fosters self-confidence and encourages empowerment in nature. Environmental education is integrated into programs naturally, as participants ask questions and become curious about the world around them. Topics discussed include plant identification, uses of plants, animal identification, tracking, geology, ecology, geography of Central Oregon, and environmental stewardship. We also teach survival skills, craft making, art in nature, and primitive skills such as animal hide tanning. Although we teach factual information about the environment in our school, we also emphasize the importance of simply feeling the aliveness in nature without needing to label things with words. Indigenous perspectives from North and South America inform our modern approach to facilitating nature connection and the discovery of our nature. By awakening a sense of unity with the grander whole of life through nature immersion, we plant seeds of respect for the Earth so that future generations may have motivation to live in harmony with the environment. We are grateful for the native elders and wisdom keepers who have inspired our vision to honor the land, to all of our ancestors for giving us life, and for the Sky and the Earth for supporting our very existence.

We currently offer nature adventures for children ages 4-10.

My boys get so much out of Wildheart Nature School, from learning survival skills, to polishing their powers of observation, to increasing their appreciation of all living things, but one of the very best things is their desire to show us where they’ve been – Shevlin Park, Tumalo State Park, Dillon Falls… Every weekend following nature class, the boys ask, no insist, that we go see what they have seen. I couldn’t be happier that they want to spend their time outdoors, in the forest or by the river, looking for animals or signs of animals, telling us what plants are edible, and more. Wildheart Nature School is truly phenomenal!

-Nicole H, May, 2012

 Basic information listed below. Please visit our sister website, http://www.wildheartnatureschool.com for full details!

A Learning Adventure:

Wildheart Nature Classes!

Wildheart Nature Classes are outings that provide adventure and rich learning opportunities for children ages 4 1/2-10. We venture to nature areas within and surrounding Bend, Oregon, allowing participants to experience and study the land they call home. Participants document their experiences in a journal that contains photographs, drawings, and personal creative reflections. Other activities are listed under the tab titled, “Activities.”  


Homeschool Group: Every Friday from 1 – 4 pm March 8th- May 31st, 2013

Weekend Group: The Last Saturday of every month from 1 – 4 pm February 23rd – May 25th, 2013


Locations TBA. Directions and meeting places can be found on our “Directions” tab


Homeschool Group: $240 – $300 sliding scale per child for full term (12 classes) / $20 – $25 sliding scale per child per class

$180 – $240 sliding scale per child for full term (12 classes) for families with three or more children participating per class / $15 – $20 sliding scale per child per class

Weekend Group: $80 – $100 sliding scale per child for full term (4 classes) / $20 – $25 sliding scale per child per class

$60 – $80 sliding scale per child for full term (4 classes) for families with three or more children participating per class/ $15 – $20 sliding scale per child per class

February/March Theme: Fire and Water

  • Fire-Loving Plants
  • Survival skills, primitive skills, and cooking over open fire
  • Predators in Central Oregon
  • The Relationship between Forest Fires and Wild Animals

April Theme: Earth and Water

  • Nature art using natural materials present
  • Wild medicinal plants and tea brewing
  • Shelter building and homesteading
  • Beaver Tracking and Mapping

May Theme: Air and Ether

  • Identifying birds, bird calls, and feathers
  • Exploring movement, dance, song, and silence in the wild
  • Heightening the “rodent” senses and working as an alert and communicative group
  • Final project where the children choose “Guilds” to more deeply explore their passions and talents

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